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Focusing on local SEO has become quite essential to success for just about any local business. Think about it – the yellow pages are dead. When people want a service whether it’s mowing their lawn, painting their house or even a handy man they ask their phone for it! Will they find your company or will it be your competitor who is already listed on Google My Business?

You need to have a good local SEO campaign for your business website. Having an SEO strategy will help you to bring traffic to your locally based business. You need an SEO expert who can help you to achieve success in the local market

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Local SEO is quite important as it captures nearby consumers who might be trying to find products and services offered by you.

By optimizing your website, online directory listings, as well as with your company’s listings on websites like Google My Business, Bing Business and a few others, you’ll be able to attain online visibility in search engine results page when a customer is seeking the services you offer. Without Local SEO, your competitors will always be ahead of and you’ll be nowhere in competition.

Look at the significant role of local SEO nowadays:

Almost 92% of customers have used the internet services to seek out local businesses in 2014.

Over the years, a decline has been noticed in the distribution of Yellow pages, ending their supply in certain areas.

The dependence on search engines for regional corporations is likely to rise, especially as phones are becoming smarter, which makes it quite easy to obtain information on-the-go.

Will you be able to keep up? Will your business thrive as a result of our ultra modern marketing techniques or will you fall to the wayside as competitors obtain your customers and saturate your area with their services?

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Small Business Search Trends

According to the report, there were 350 times more ‘local’ and ‘near me’ searches in 2019 compared to ten years ago. What this means is that in this day and age, focusing on local SEO tremendously impacts your overall success by increasing your business exposure to local customers.

This is especially true for small business owners who run eateries or cafes. Google’s Small Business Search Trends Report indicates that restaurants, diners, pharmacies, coffee shops, and pizzerias are the most searched for mom-and-pop businesses.


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